Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How many colors can I print on my custom embroidered patches?
    A: There are two options you can choose,, such as 1-9 colors and more than 9 colors. If you choose more than 9 colors, the price of the custom patch will increase accordingly. We offer up to 9 colors for free.
  • Q: What backing can I choose for custom patches?
    A: There are seven backing for you to choose, including:
    Iron On Backing
    Adhesive Backing
    Plastic Backing
    Velcro Hook Backing
    Velcro Loop Backing
    Double Velcro Backing
    Safety Pin Backing
  • Q: Can I wash my clothes with a patch sewn on it?
    A: Yes, you can. We have washed clothes with a patch sewn on it several times; and the patch remain on my clothes. Don’t worry about it.
  • Q: I have my own idea for custom patches, can you design one for me?
    A: Of course, you can provide artwork proof for us about your ideas. Or you can contact us directly. Our design team will satisfied with you 100%.
  • Q: What’s the difference merrow border and regular (stitch) border of custom patches?
    A: Merrow border patch means that a thread is sewn around the edge of custom patches , which can seal the edge of patches and look a lot cleaner. 
  • Q: How many patches can I order from Patches Co.?
    A: We accept 1 piece order all the time. However, once you order 100 pieces you will get wholesale pricing, and the price decreases significantly.
  • Q: Can I order different types of custom patches in one order?
    A: Surely. We will start to production as soon as possible when you placed an order. And you will get free shipping service for all your orders. 
  • Q: How long can I receive my custom made patches?
    A: We start to make art proof in 12-24 hours while you have placed an order. You will receive your products within 5-7 day.